Labeeqa Baneen

Hi everyone, my name is Labeeqa Baneen and I am a student of creative writing and an amateur writer from Pakistan. I am looking forward to contribute on this platform. I would like to extend a special thanks to Ma’am Aisha, who not only taught me a lot but also inspired me to join this platform. She has been a great motivation for me and many others, and her guidance and support have been invaluable. Ma’am Aisha is not only an excellent teacher but also a remarkable individual who has made a positive impact on our lives. I am grateful to have her as a mentor, and I hope to make her proud by sharing my work on this platform. I am highly thankful to The Bridge for giving us this opportunity to write and share our thoughts and our works with everyone. And yes of course to publish. I am excited to be a part of the Bridge platform and eager to contribute my work to this vibrant community. I hope to learn from other talented writers and artists, and to be inspired by their creativity. The opportunity to publish my work and receive feedback from a diverse audience is invaluable, and I am grateful for the chance to showcase my talent. Thank you to The Bridge platform for providing this platform and fostering a supportive environment for artists and writer. The Bridge platform is a dynamic online community that provides a space for writers, artists, and creative individuals to showcase their work and connect with like-minded individuals from all around the world.

Amina Ali

"The Bridge" is like a blank canvas enabling armature writers to draw out their imaginations. Such creative imaginations are crucial to keep our individualities intact along with aiding us in discovering mystic world within ourselves. Hands off to the team who works to teach skills to the young generation so they can find their way in the society. 

Rajil Ali

Hello Everyone ! 
Today i got the opportunity to glance through the E magazine and was really delighted to find an outstanding effort of all the writers and contributors of this excellent effort to put together such a fine piece of literature. I wonder how can we have the hard copy of this magazine ? The graphics work, the layout and an easy to grasp work of all able writers, actually made it more catchy ! 
Keep up the drive to produce such a wonderful literary masterpiece !  

Maryam Latif

The best way to learn how to express yourself is writing. Writing is like a therapy that helps to vent the feelings out and assists someone in catharsis. Some writes just write in an irrational manner and want to be appreciated. I am the one who wants to be appreciated. I want others to know about my thoughts and I did it through my writings. I was highly obliged to those who came to know my thoughts and appreciated them. It happened through bridge website that provides a platform for the emerging writers and connects the writers across the globe. This website gave me confidence and I came out from the shell of hesitancy. It provides me courage to write and go with the flow of my writing ability. There are many other writers who were unable to publish their work but The Bridge lets their works reach out to others. I came to know about many other different writing techniques from the website like competition of Flash fiction was a good very experience. Navigation of this platform made me confident that I can write. It helped me know the thoughts and feelings of the writers from Malaysia, US and Nigeria who write on the website.  I am even very thankful that I have found it.
Maryam Latif

Hafsa tariq

I was not confident about my writing skills, but this platform gives me a chance to bring out a writer in me. As I am learning and developing myself through updating my writing, it is really helpful to me because English is not my first language, therefore, I had to struggle a lot earlier but now I am improving and this is all because of " THE BRIDGE " website. I must say BRIDGE is a very good initiative that not only helps us in polishing our writing capabilities but also engages us with other world writers. I haven't seen a platform like this before that provokes a sense of competition among youth and compels them to do their best.

I joined this platform of the bridge a few months ago. One thing that I like the most about the bridge is its criteria of evaluation of the content.Moreover, I have rarely seen a well managed organization like this. As an amateur writer I wasn't confident on my writing pieces but this platform has boosted my confidence level. So far, I have enjoyed a lot working on the bridge.

Bushra Yasin

Well, I strongly believe that appreciation and complements certainly give some wonderful motivation to the writer. Exactly the same way this amazing and inspiring platform is a great opportunity and motivation for me being a beginner writer. I can boost my writing skills by connecting with other writers as well so I'm very delighted to join this elegant platform .

It's literally a great platform for nourishing your writing skills. It does not only polish our skills but also makes us recognized internationally. 

Rajil Ali

I always felt hesitant in outpouring my thoughts and ideas for host of reasons and I reckon I would always continue to do so …. Why ??? That remains an unanswered Why!
Yet, having learnt about the forum gave me a fodder to nurture my nascent skills to express myself in some organised manner.
Due to my work and frequent travelling commitments , it is hard to find time to write after my maiden attempt , yet I continue to read anything and everything posted on the site while travelling and have only praises for each one of the writers whose literature in any form is posted on the site 
You are all gems and already accomplished people 
Don’t let this fire in you fade away !!!!

Some people like myself can’t fuel it as regularly as you all learned people active on the site.
I hope to find more time and catch the opportunity to write out my thoughts.
Stay happy ya all !!!


Aqeedat Naseer

The bridge gave me this great opportunity to bring out the writer in me. This platform helped me to learn and try new things. The motivation that I'm getting through this platform is helping me to provoke my writing skills. This platform is creating hunger among many young writers to do their best by giving them appreciation and self confidence.

Hajra Khan

When life grows into a memory, the things in memory are the most real and precious. Life in our writing has rich colors, life in our eyes presents different values. "Bridge" is such a great initiative where we can witness every stage of our growth and record every failure, every success, every setback and every glory of our struggle. Perhaps some of my contributions I send here are somewhat naive, but each contribution has been integrated into my hard work and sweat and painstaking efforts, each contribution has recorded my growth. I am so honoured contributing to "the bridge" and feel so empowered by the comprehensive feedbacks. The competitive environment here always motivates me to create something new. Looking forward to extend my experience with opportunities of monthly "short stories" and "poetry". Also I am so enthusiastic about Collaborative Writing Portal which is providing us with opportunities to finish our stories and interact with the accomplished and well known published authors. I am so glad working with "The Bridge".

Taha Kehar

The ink-and-paper route is often a solitary one that is plagued by self-doubt. Through its community-based ventures, The Bridge pulls writers out of their silos and prods them to engage with other creative minds from across the world. 
This is a valuable initiative that provides a groundswell of opportunities for writers to showcase their talent. At a time when literary pursuits are viewed with skepticism, such platforms remind us about the healing power of words.

The Bridge is one of the best platforms for amature writers where you can not only connect with amazing writers all over the world, but also polish and showcase your skill of writing. I love, how, every month, it gives you a new chance to explore the creativity of your own mind. There's only one problem that I want to highlight is that it doesn't allow outsiders to visit the website, and rather asks for membership. Except this thing, the website is one of its kind.

Ayesha Irfan

Out of all things I learned from this life, one of them is that exposure is important. This platform became my source of exposure. Glad to be a part of a writing community so innovative. 

Mubashra Malik

In 2019, when we were asked to submit our work for The BRIDGE volume I, I wasn't confident about my skills as a writer. Nonetheless, i wrote a poem and emailed it without any hope of getting published. Months later, i found out that my poem is getting published in the very first volume of The Bridge. The joy I felt at that moment was tremendous. For the very first time,  i started believing in myself, in my dream of becoming a writer.  The Bridge and the opportunity it brought served as a stepping stone in my journey of becoming a writer and is continuously  doing a brilliant job of providing platform to young writers where they can refine their writing skills. 
Glad to be a part of The Bridge community. 


The Bridge is one of the most fruitful platforms I’ve come across lately. Learning about it was a chance but later it became one of my objectives. The chance to connect with many beginners like me and on other hand one of the most talented published writers of Pakistan has pushed me to be a valuable addition here where I can contribute to this stream of awesome writings in any possible way. I’ve been closely going through the published works available on the site as well as the volumes published in print by the collaboration of other countries. It has been amazing to interact with a vast variety of works penned down by writers and poets. I aim to be published in upcoming volumes of The Bridge as well as the website. 

Ayesha Abid

The Bridge has taken an interesting initiative to not only connect writers, but also generate a platform with exciting opportunities for people to explore and express their creativity. Upon arrival, I felt proud and elevated to see the numerous opportunities. The Bridge is striving in various activities to connect to a world of writers. It is a very fundamental and strong approach. 

Iram Mushtaq

What an exquisite platform to motivate the writers of current era. The opportunities "The Bridge" is providing are remarkable. We see a sense of competition among different writers thus it keeps on inspiring our youth to give their best. A platform like this has been introduced after ages and this is the time for the writers to bring out their inner self, to express what they have in their hearts, to show the world what they are capable of and instill their thoughts into the mind of readers.
Besides all these the collaborative way of writing recently introduced by The Bridge is truly amazing. If anyone feels stuck at some point while writing he or she can simply give the task to someone else to complete it. What a joyous and lovely initiative truly it deserves all the appreciation. 

Anum Khalid

For writers like me who always need a kickstart to write something, the Bridge is no doubt the perfect platform in a sense that it not only provides the writers with back to back interesting writing competitions, moreover the monthly competitions also help the writers to keep their selves busy with exciting writing activities with chances to get published as well. Collaborative writing is also a great initiative by Bridge as it helps a writer if he/she is stuck somewhere in the writings or if he/she is passing through a writers block. So hats off to the Bridge team for their continuous struggle in providing the best yet inexpensive platform for new as well as experienced writers.

It is a very good platform for writers such as myself to express ourselves through our words. It feels great to see writers appreciating each other's praise as well as critique. Kudos to the team for this great initiative.

Dirha Qazi

I came to know about The Bridge nearly 7 months ago in a creative writing class. When I first heard about such a platform established by Pakistan where young and aspiring writers could showcase their abilities, both from within Pakistan and without, I wasn’t only delighted but a certain motivation to resume writing more seriously than ever had charged me and I instantly planned to be part of this valuable platform.  During days of my A levels, I used to write socio-politico-economic articles on request of my friend from Political Science department and also for some limited experience of freelance writing. The Bridge on other hand was based on the literary pursuits of the writers and being a Literature student of BS level myself, it was not only the most suitable but an ideal chance for me to experiment in “poetry” and “short stories”. The even greater part was the chance to interact with the works of other popular and aspiring writers that were already part of this flourishing multicultural junction. 
I kicked off my experience with the publishing of the first ever poem I wrote “A Drop of my Heart Escaped my Existence” that was met with encouraging feedback and praise from other writers. This motivated me to take part in the “monthly competition” of poems and short stories offered every month by The Bridge, on a specific theme, and I was able to win my very first competitions. Apart from monthly competitions, The Bridge also held its first International Writing Competition for Flash Fiction where accomplished writers from different parts of the world participated. The Second International Competition for One Act play is now open to submissions worldwide. There’s another category of The Bridge anthologies where every year one volume of writings from two countries is published on a selected theme. So far, two volumes have been published in print from writers of Pakistan in collaboration with Malay and American writers and poets. The recent introduction of Collaborative Writing Portal has got much of my attention. It’s a very productive and dynamic portal not only for beginners who have been unable to finish or move on their stories, but also for other writers that left many of their works unfinished. 
It is heartening to see the rapid pace with which this platform is growing and more and more successful and interested writers are pouring in where everyone can become part of not only writing but a process of collective learning where young writers can look up to the experienced ones and keep acquiring skills and transforming their abilities besides writing. I would recommend every and any person that has been interested in writing or ones who have been wrestling with inadequate facilities to get their work published. If your work is good enough, the only struggle you have to go through here is submitting it and you can become a published author both on site and in print form.

The Bridge member,
Dirha Qazi