Poem Of The Month - July, 2024

Nostalgia by Hamda Rafaaqat - Pakistan

When first we met, 

You were a stranger, an enigma to me, 

Yet in you, I found a kindred spirit, 

A soul who offered me solace. 

You appeared at my threshold,

A gentle rapping on my door...

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Poem Of The Month - July, 2023

Sympathy by Labeeqa Baneen - Pakistan

In times of sorrow, when tears do flow,

A gentle hand, a heart aglow.

With empathy's touch, we lend an ear,

To soothe the pain, to show we're near.


Through troubled waters, we softly tread,

Walking alongside, no words unsaid.

A comforting presence, a soothing sound,

In sympathy's embrace, solace is found...

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Poem Of The Month - May, 2023

A Miracle! by Narjis Raza - Pakistan

Miracle, oh miracle, so rare and divine,

A moment of wonder that makes our hearts shine,

It appears when we least expect it to be,

A gift from the heavens, for all to see.


The magic of life, the wonders of nature,

The beauty of love, the power of nurture,

All around us, these miracles abound,

In the smallest detail, they can be found.


It’s the flutter of wings of a bird in flight,

Or the first ray of sun after a dark, stormy night,

It’s the beating of a heart, against all the odds,

Or the blooming of a flower, breaking through the sods...

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Poem Of The Month - April, 2023

Divinity Within Us! by Imama Khawaja - Pakistan

All these forgetful beings

Seeking temporary refuge

In mortal me, mortal you

falling and failing to see

The power of divinity...

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Poem Of The Month - March, 2023

Forbidden Regret by Dirha Qazi - Pakistan

Vision obscured

And a mind of fog,

A faith composed of doubts

And threats,

And a counsel of friends -

Unable to control,

Unable to defend,

The crime,

I later named ‘Regret’.

I remember there were, a few more,

Who contributed, who let

The Macbeth in me drown

And the Hamlet in me take

The most unwise decisions,

The most foul resolves...

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Poem Of The Month - February, 2023

An Honest Betrayal ! by Amina Ali - Pakistan

Off he goes to earn bread,

Attached with him a thousand strings-

Of unattended desires,


Oh ! But her dazzling eyes,

For which he lives, for which he dies,

Yet, as time goes,

The youth fades and the glow diminishes,


If she asks,

He smiles it off...

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Poem Of The Month - January, 2023

Unsworn Promise by Dirha Qazi - Pakistan

The sun is offended

Will it rise again?

The darkness illuminates

Is it here to stay?

The last laughter echoed

A hundred years ago,

Will someone laugh

Ever in here again?...

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Poem Of The Month - December, 2022

The Wind of Change by Anum Kabir - Pakistan

Did you see the urge in her eyes?

They spoke of imposed quandary

That quizzical air around

Why is she destined to do

what others want her to?

When would she be in that state of

choosing her own ways?...

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Poem Of The Month - July, 2022

The First Drop of Rain! by Anum Kabir - Pakistan

Skies gave the sign

Watching over her woes

Surrounding her aura

Hearing out her whisper

Summing up her agony

And sensing her dying courage...

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Poem Of The Month - June, 2022

Lahore Canal Bank Road by Sufia Humayun - Pakistan

Sprouting leaves, rustle and stir with the wind,

The swishing wind of May.

That comes like gale at night

Leaving without a trace for the day.

Golden streaks flicker, as the wind betrays,

On the water moving statically  

The trees bending on the water in obedience for ages...

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